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What services does provide?

          Noble Cleaners offers commercial & residential dry cleaning and laundry services to your home or business.

  • What are your hours of operation?

         Our normal pick up and delivery dates are Tues and Fri

  • Does someone need to be home for pick up

    and deliveries?

           We would prefer someone to be at home, but if you assign a safe place for us, we will leave your garment there.

  • Is there a charge for pickup/delivery?

           Our pick up and Delivery service is FREE.

  • Do you offer same day service?

          Yes, we do provide same-day service.

  • What are my payment options?

          Noble cleaners accepts debit and credit cards only.

  • What are your service areas?

          Our primary areas are currently Clifton, Verona, Ceder grove, Montclaire, Wayne and more

  • Do you offer dry cleaning and laundry

         services to commercial accounts?

          Our commercial services are tailored to each clients specific requests.

  • What if I have no access to internet?

            If internet access is unavailable please call us or text us to set up a convenient pick up and delivery appointment. (Store: 973-365-1515 or emails us at online appointment system will be ready in the future) 

  •  Is there a minimum order amount for pick up?

          For Dry Cleaning: $20 min per order. For Wash & Fold: 10 lbs min per order.

  • How do I prepare for pick up on my first order?

           A green bag for Wash & Fold and dry cleaning will be provided prior to your first scheduled pick up date. Refundable $5 deposit per bag (*NO DEPOSIT needed for charged customers. Membership program will be available soon.).


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